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The 2020 snapecase Reveal!

Greetings, Snape Fen!

Thank you, creators, pinch hitters, beta readers, promoters, reviewers, commenters, and "hearters," for everything you did to make snapecase a success this year! It's always a pleasure to see how our intimate fest results in such a welcome variety of fan works, and to know that I'm not alone in wanting to celebrate Severus Snape throughout his ages. *applauds you all*

Without further ado, I present the 2020 Snape Showcase Master List:

The 2020 snapecase Master List
 1.  debjunk  One  Descent (PG-13)  Fic 
 2.  theimpossiblegl  Two  The Man Who Regrets (G)  Art 
 3.  dangerhissy  Three  Transformation (PG)  Fic 
 4.  theimpossiblegl  Four  Secret Ceremonials (G)  Art 
 5.  worrywart1966  Five  The Sound of Silence (PG)  Fic 
 6.  holden_writes  One  The Beauty of Sorrow (G)  Art 
 7.  sigune  Two  Cokeworth Style (G)  Art 
 8.  iulia_linnea  Three  The Killing Kind (PG)  Fic 
 9.  blueartemis07  Four  A Matter of Trust (R)  Fic 
 10.  milotzi  Five  When the Doorbell Rings Twice (PG)  Art 
 11.  holden_writes  One  A Mother's Love (PG-13)  Art 
 12.  iulia_linnea  Two  Fortunate and Timely Correspondence (PG)  Fic 
 13.  rayvyn2k  Three  The Summer of 1985 (PG)  Fic 
 14.  perverse_idyll  Four  Scenes from an Occupation (NC-17)  Fic 
 15.  debjunk  Five  Secret Identity (PG-13)  Fic 
 16.  holden_writes  One  A Magical Escape (G)  Art 
 17.  charliebradbury  Two  a different music (NC-17)  Fic 
 18.  delphipsmith  Three  It Does Not Do to Dwell on Dreams (PG)  Fic 
 19.  goddess47  Four  The Kindness of Strangers (PG)  Fic 
 20.  iulia_linnea  Five  Here Be Dragons (PG-13)  Fic 
 21.  gracelessmary  One  Survival (PG-13)  Fic 
 22.  snax0  Two  Hand Me Down Devotion (R)  Fic 
 23.  acid  Three  Dreamless (G)  Art 
 24.  holden_writes  Four  Wolfsbane (G)  Art 
 25.  blueartemis07  Five  Dark Desires (R)  Fic 
 26.  iulia_linnea  One  That Story that They Only Tell Each Other (PG-13)  Fic 
 27.  articcat621  Two  Staying Together (PG-13)  Fic 
 28.  sigune  Three  1 September 1981 (G)  Art 
 29.  milotzi  Four  Flattened by Slytherin (NC-17)  Art 
 30.  ms_anthrop  Five  A Discussion Concerning Cavemen and Sexy Matrons (NC-17)  Fic 

Creators, you are now free to answer the comments left in reply to your works as your fandom selves, as well as to post and archive your works wherever you wish. In addition, know that I'll soon clear the mod account's flist in preparation of the fest's next run. Please don't take this personally; it's just housekeeping. Please also accept my invitation to contribute to the 2021 run of snapecase; I'd love for you to come play with us again!

In the meantime, please spread the word about fandomforoz/Fandom for Australia, a fandom charity auction dedicated to raising funds for those affected by the Australian bushfires. Sign ups are ongoing through 8 February, and bidding begins on 23 February. Further information about the community may be found in its welcome post.

As well, if you enjoy exploring the relationship—romantic or otherwise—between Severus Snape and Hermione Granger, I invite you to participate in the forthcoming sshg_promptfest; prompt collection begins March first! For the SSHG Prompt Fest's complete rules, schedule, and submission guidelines, please see its profile page.

Again, thank you so much for participating in the 2020 Snape Showcase!

All best,

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