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Iulia Linnea

The 2019 snapecase Reveal!

Greetings, Snape Fen!

Well, a miracle occurred: snapecase's generous creators contributed 30 fantastic fan works towards our enjoying a full run of the 2019 fest! Thank you ever so much, everyone, for everything you did to make the Snape Showcase a success this year! *\o/*

Without further ado, I present the 2019 Snape Showcase Master List:

The 2019 snapecase Master List
 1.  iulia_linnea  One  Distant Relations (G)  Fic 
 2.  iulia_linnea  Two  A Relative Feast (G)  Fic 
 3.  gracelessmary  Three  The First Christmas (PG)  Fic 
 4.  milotzi  Four  From the Ashes (G)  Art 
 5.  worrywart1966  Five  Paranormal Snape (PG)  Fic 
 6.  emrys_mk  One  How Always Began (PG)  Fic 
 7.  half_light_01  Two  Making a Mark (R)  Fic 
 8.  asclepiade  Three  Foreknowledge (R)  Fic 
 9.  sigune  Four  Flight Plan (G)  Art 
 10.  blueartemis07  Five  It's my party, I can hide if I want to (R)  Fic 
 11.  dudugodudugo  One  Aegris (PG-13)  Fic 
 12.  roseofthewest  Two  The Last of the Great Slytherin Wallflowers (PG)  Fic 
 13.  theimpossiblegl  Three  First Day Reflections (G)  Art 
 14.  acid  Four  Brew, Bottle, Stopper (PG)  Art 
 15.  libco  Five  Darker than the Stars (PG)  Fic 
 16.  iulia_linnea  One  The Casting (PG-13)  Fic 
 17.  too_dle_oo  Two  Dripping with Gold (G)  Fic 
 18.  delphipsmith  Three  By the Book (G)  Fic 
 19.  goddess47  Four  Draught of Living Death (G)  Fic 
 20.  milotzi  Five  That Moment (PG)  Art 
 21.  half_light_01  One  Lessons Learned (R)  Fic 
 22.  lyryk  Two  The Boy in the Fireplace (PG)  Fic 
 23.  dollarchan  Three  Night Flight (G)  Art 
 24.  blueartemis07  Four  Resetting the Wards (R)  Fic 
 25.  too_dle_oo  Five  Solvency (PG-13)  Fic 
 26.  mywitch & grooot  One  Seven (G)  Art & Fic 
 27.  mywitch & grooot  Two  Thirteen (G)  Art & Fic 
 28.  mywitch & grooot  Three  Twenty-two (G)  Art & Fic 
 29.  mywitch & grooot  Four  Thirty-eight (G)  Art & Fic 
 30.  mywitch & grooot  Five  Fifty (G)  Art & Fic 

Creators, you are now free to answer the comments left in reply to your works as your fandom selves, as well as to post and archive your works wherever you wish. In addition, know that I'll soon clear the mod account's flist in preparation of the fest's next run. Please don't take this personally; it's just housekeeping. Please also accept my invitation to contribute to the 2020 run of the Snape Showcase; I'd love for you to come play with us again!

As well, if you enjoy SS/HG, I invite you to participate in the forthcoming sshg_promptfest; prompt collection begins March first! :D

Thank you so much and all best,

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