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ART & FIC: Seven (G)

Title: Seven
Type: Art & Fic
Age-Range Category: One
Characters: Severus Snape, Tobias Snape, Eileen Snape
Artist & Author: mywitch & groot
Beta(s): too_dle_oo
Rating: G
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): None.
Summary: Today is Severus Snape's seventh birthday. Will it be a good day?

When Severus awoke on the morning of his seventh birthday, he felt inside himself that it would be a Good Day. There were no tickling bubbles in his tummy that usually let him know it was a Bad Day… Or if he felt a little sick on top of all the other feelings, it was going to be a Worst Day.

He could see his breath in the cold air of his bedroom, and he stayed in his warm bed for a few moments, puffing out tiny clouds in imitation of his da and his ever-present cigarette. After his morning pretend-cigarette was finished, Severus got out of bed, pulled on his clothes, two pairs of socks, and padded downstairs.

Seven, 1 (G)
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As he walked he grinned to himself, as he could hear the radio playing music somewhere in the house. That only ever happened on a Good Day, and even better, his mam was singing along. That had only happened once before, on a Best Day. Severus clapped a hand over his mouth excitedly, and his stomach swooped with a different kind of bubble.

Maybe today was a Best Day!

He stood in the kitchen doorway and looked inside. His mam was at the stovetop, cooking something in a frypan, and his da was leaning against the cupboard next to her, wearing his Good Day face. He was smiling at his mam as she cooked and sang, and he smoked a thin, fragrant cigarette. As he watched, his da patted his ma on her bottom and she laughed, swatting at his hand.

Severus giggled into his own hand.

At the noise, his father turned towards him, and his face became blank. Severus's tummy flipped uncertainly.

"Well, who are you? I was expecting my Sev, but you can't be him.You're practically a grown man!" his da said, looking around exaggeratedly.

Severus giggled again. He felt the bird in his chest that he liked to think was the love for his Da. Today it was beating its wings hard, soaring out of him. "Da, it's me! I'm Sev!" he said proudly.

"Well, what do you know! You are him!" Da said, peering into his face. He reached out with his big hands and hoisted him up into the air. Severus roared with laughter as his father flipped him and let him walk, upside down, on the ceiling.

"The blood will rush to your head!" his mam laughed, turning from the stove and putting plates on the table.

"I'm fine!" said Severus, who felt like his head would pop off at any moment.

"No use being seven and having no head," agreed his da seriously and turned Severus the right way up before depositing him on his chair. His father walked over to the pot on the stove and decanted a strong, fragrant black liquid that Severus understood was an all-sustaining and powerful liquid for his parents known as coffee.

As his father's back was turned, he watched his mam. She looked different on Good Days, and on a Best Day she was almost like a different mam, like his Dream Mam. Her eyes were still kind, but they were smiling eyes and her mouth turned up, not down. She walked to the table and put a saucepan on the table.

Severus could feel his mouth water. It smelled amazing.


This was altogether a Best Day.

She deposited some fried bread onto his plate, and as Severus watched in awe, a few pieces of crispy banger floated up from the pan and onto his plate. She winked at him and placed a long finger to her mouth… Shhhhhhh.

Severus knew then.

She only ever did magic on Good Days, and only a Best Day would prompt her to do it with da in the room. He tried to wink back, which he could only do by holding one eyelid open while blinking. She grinned at him and tousled his hair. His love for his mam wasn't a bird, it was a bath that crept up, up, up and made him feel warm all over.

"Ready for work?" his da asked, and Severus looked up at him, mouth still filled with a glorious riot of fried heaven.

"Am I coming with you?" he asked excitedly.

"Well, a grown man like yourself may as well get a job," his da said, swigging his coffee from the chipped blue cup before digging around in his pocket for another cigarette.

"Put on your boots," reminded his mam as he swallowed his breakfast.

Severus ran up the stairs to his room, pulling his old boots out from under his bed. His mam had got them from a neighbour down the street when her own son had got too big for them. They were worn in and comfortable and didn't have a hole like his last ones had. He liked the big thuds they made when he walked.

As Severus walked back downstairs, he noticed that one of the paintings on the wall done by his mother was gone: the lady with the pulled-off face. His favourite. He wondered where it had gone.

At the factory there was noise, people, and it was fantastic. Everywhere they walked, Severus's da introduced him. "This is my son," he said. "It's his birthday." The bird inside Severus flew higher that it ever had, gliding effortlessly, and he puffed his chest up as he walked the floor of the factory alongside the tall man.

"Ah, you look so much like your da," said one man who patted his head and gave him some boiled lollies in a twist of paper. Severus looked at the gift and up at his da, who nodded, and he thanked the man shyly.

Severus wanted the day to go on forever.

But not long after the last break the men took, where Severus sucked on an interesting twig he'd found while the men smoked and laughed, it was time to leave. Severus had looked at his da with the other men. He thought his da was the tallest man in the world, and his hair was blacker than the other men's as well.

His da always wore black, always, and his dark hair hung long against the back of his collar like a villain in a movie. Severus didn't like thinking about Bad Days when he wasn't in one. But on Bad Days, his father was worse than any monster from a movie. He would tower over Severus's mam, and even if Severus ran upstairs and hid under the bed as far as he could go, the long arm could always reach under and grab him. The bird would be quiet inside him on those days, locked away in a cage right at the bottom of his tummy.

"Aren't we going home?" Severus asked his da uncertainly as they turned a different way on the walk back home.

Seven, 2 (G)
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"Ah, a surprise for tea," his da said. He smiled a crooked smile down at him.

Severus stumbled a bit as tried to keep up with his da's long, black-clothed legs. He wanted his boots to make the same great, loud clop against the ground, but his feet were too little.

His da stopped walking suddenly and dropped his cigarette, grinding the butt under the heel of a boot. "You tired, Sev?" he asked gruffly.

"No, da, no," insisted Severus. He was suddenly deeply angry at himself. How stupid of him and his stupid, stupid, tired, baby-legs. Now he had ruined the Good Day and made his da angry.

The bird retreated inside him and he felt a prickling at the back of his eyes.

But his da only smiled down at him. "Come on birthday boy," he said. He grabbed Sev under his arms and hoisted him up into the stratosphere and onto his shoulders.

His father strode on and Severus grinned, carefully holding onto his da. He could look down now at the glossy black head, and when he looked up and out at the street, he wondered if he would be as tall as his da. He imagined himself in that way—wearing all black of course—the sound of his boots echoing with each step.

"And here we are," his da said. Severus saw they were in front of a chippy. He felt breathless. He still didn't know what to say. The whole day had felt like a wonderful dream. His father effortlessly placed him back on his feet in front of the store.

They went inside and his father strode to the counter and smiled at the lady who was red and flushed from cooking.

"Three pieces of cod and chips to go, please, love," said his da, smiling at the lady. The lady went even redder under the smile from his da. Ladies always did that. Severus liked to think his own smile would make ladies go red when he was a grown up.

"Oh, and who is this little man?" asked the lady after she'd popped the wire basket full of deliciousness into the oil.

"This is my son, Sev," said his da and he patted Severus on the head.

Severus grinned and the lady smiled at him."It's my birthday," he said proudly.

She leaned forward on the counter towards him."Well, happy birthday, Sev," she said. She smiled at him again, and Severus thought she wanted to give him something. Sometimes he felt like people told him things without speaking, and he was usually right. He mentioned it once to his mam, and she said it was a special trick, but he could never tell Da.

"I'm so happy. Da says this is the best chippy in Cokeworth, and that's why it's my birthday treat," he said.

The lady laughed. "Well, your da is a very smart man. Let's see if I can't rustle up another piece of fish and maybe a potato scallop to really make a proper birthday dinner."

Severus watched her bustle away. He looked up at his da.

"You smooth talker," his da said approvingly.

"Is that good?" Severus asked.

"Knowing the right thing to say at the right time is very good," his da said thoughtfully and Severus nodded.

His da took out a cigarette and his lighter and smiled down at him, and Severus could only see Good Day Da in his dark eyes. The monster was asleep deep down inside his da, sleeping too deeply to be woken today.

"How's your big day been?" his da asked, placing a large, warm hand on Severus' shoulder and squeezing softly in a way that made his bird sing a golden song within him.

"A Best Day," Severus said truthfully.

Seven, 3 (G)
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Tags: artist: mywitch, author: grooot, category: one, type: art, type: art & fic, type: fic
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