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The 2017 snapecase Reveal!

Greetings, Creators and Commenters!

snapecase may be a small fest, but your creativity and generosity made a lot of people happy this run, especially me. I don't know when I've enjoyed organising a fest more, and I will definitely be doing it again next year. Thank you so much for participating! To our pinch-hitters and those of you whose inspiration led you to contribute multiple works: hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray! You have my gratitude and admiration.

As well, if you enjoy SS/HG, you have my invitation to come play with us at the forthcoming sshg_promptfest, which has some new rules. Prompt collection begins on 10 March!

Without further ado, I present the 2017 Snape Showcase Master List:

The 2017 snapecase Master List
 1.  iulia_linnea  One  The Big Book of Secrets (PG)  Fic 
 2.  iulia_linnea  Two  Choosing Sides (NC-17)  Fic 
 3.  hbprincess23  Three  A Glimmer of Hope (PG)  Fic 
 4.  musevoices  Four  Solve et Coagula (G)  Fic 
 5.  iulia_linnea  Five  Some Terrific Evening (PG)  Fic 
 6.  sigune  One  One Day My Owl Will Come (G)  Art 
 7.  ms_anthrop  Two  A Whiff of Cordite (PG-13)  Fic 
 8.  iulia_linnea  Three  Difficult Creatures (G)  Fic 
 9.  ms_anthrop  Four  With Nothing On My Tongue (PG-13)  Fic 
 10.  blueartemis07  Five  Life's Unexpected Turns (PG-13)  Fic 
 11.  leontinabowie  One  Nine (PG-13)  Fic 
 12.  roseofthewest  Two  Power the Dark Lord Knows Not (G)  Fic 
 13.  dollarchan  Three  Gotcha (G)  Art 
 14.  mywitch  Four  Headmaster Snape (G)  Art 
 15.  eoforyth  Five  Flight (PG)  Fic 
 16.  too_dle_oo  One  Maternal Lamentation (G)  Fic 
 17.  akatnamedeaster  Two  For Enemies (PG)  Art 
 18.  sun_chan  Three  Is this my new life? (G)  Art 
 19.  arynwy  Four  Moving On (PG)  Fic 
 20.  sigune  Five  Ouroboros (G)  Art 
 21.  sun_chan  One  A Boy (G)  Art 
 22.  kittyaugust  Two  Brave, like a snake  Fic 
 23.  vhizen  Three  The New Teachers (G)  Art 
 24.  mak5258  Four  How it was intended to be (G)  Combined 
 25.  alisanne  Five  Appreciating Life's Appetites (PG-13)  Fic 
 26.  ms_anthrop  One  The Dark Half (PG-13)  Fic 
 27.  sealcat  Two  Severus and Raven (G)  Art 
 28.  delphipsmith  Three  A Grief that Can't Be Spoken (G)  Fic 
 29.  sigune  Four  How Can I Help You, Minerva (G)  Art 
 30.  ms_anthrop  Five  A Conversation Amongst Equals (PG-13  Fic 

Creators, you are now free to answer the comments left in reply to your works as your fandom selves, as well as to post and archive your works wherever you wish. In addition, know that I'll clear the mod account's flist in about a week to prepare for the fest's next run. Please don't take this personally; it's just housekeeping. Please also accept my invitation to contribute to the 2018 run of the Snape Showcase; I'd love for you to come play with us again. :D

All best,

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