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The 2013 snapecase Reveal!

Dear Members and Watchers,

I hope that you've enjoyed the last run of snapecase as much as I've enjoyed running it. :) The fest would not have been possible without your creativity and encouragement; thank you so much for being a part of it! I'd also like to extend my gratitude to our pinch-hitters, without whom we couldn't have enjoyed a balanced fest; thank you so much, cathedralcarver, enname, julesdrenages, lyre_flowers, shiv5468, and unbroken_halo!

Without further ado, I now present the 2013 Snape Showcase Master List:

The 2013 snapecase Master List
 1.  lyre_flowers  One  The Art of Shuddering in Fear  Fic 
 2.  reg_flint  Two  Letters Home  Fic 
 3.  enname  Three  Primae Noctis  Art 
 4.  blueartemis07  Four  I Never Expected This  Fic 
 5.  sixpence_jones  Five  How much longer?  Art 
 6.  lilyeyes  One  Amazing Magic  Fic 
 7.  sionna_raven  Two  The Snake's Tale  Fic 
 8.  lyre_flowers  Three  Tea Time  Fic 
 9.  sun_chan  Four  Ingredients collecting  Art 
 10.  unbroken_halo  Five  Afterlife  Fic 
 11.  soberloki  One  Permanent File  Fic 
 12.  margi_lynn  Two  The back reads, "To Lily, Yrs Always, Sev"  Art 
 13.  angela_snape  Three  The Rebirth of Severus Snape  Fic 
 14.  reynardo  Four  The Inquiry  Fic 
 15.  fluffyllama  Five  Alfie Prendergast's Lucky Day  Fic 
 16.  albalark  One  Catching the Wind  Fic 
 17.  dickgloucester  Two  All Sorted  Fic 
 18.  roseofthewest  Three  Collaboration  Fic 
 19.  sigune  Four  Into Darkness  Art 
 20.  sealcat  Five  Sleep in  Art 
 21.  unbroken_halo  One  The Bright in Bleak Midwinter  Fic 
 22.  akatnamedeaster  Two  Poison  Art 
 23.  cathedralcarver  Three  Fear of Flying  Fic 
 24.  emrys_mk  Four  If Only  Fic 
 25.  shiv5468  Five  Lex Talionis  Fic & Art 
 26.  julesdrenages  One  The Sorcerer's Apprentice  Art 
 27.  alley_skywalker  Two  Interlude  Fic 
 28.  knowmefirst  Three  Alone I Don't Want To Be  Art 
 29.  librasmile  Four  Accounts Past Due  Fic 
 30.  julesdrenages  Five  Retirement  Art 
 31.  bethbethbeth  One  just like (starting over)  Fic 
 32.  julesdrenages  Two  The Spider  Art 
 33.  delphipsmith  Three  Wormwood and Gall  Fic 
 34.  enname  Four  Occlumency Lessons  Art 
 35.  shiv5468  Five  To Do, a tale about a tail, with a tail end.  Fic 
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