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snapecase, Week Four!

Weekends are for catching up at the Snape Showcase! Week Four of the fest featured the following fan works:

FIC: Interlude (PG): After making the deal with Dumbledore, Severus goes home in a reflective mood…

ART: Alone I Don't Want To Be (G): Severus doesn't want to be alone, but yet he always is.

FIC: Accounts Past Due (R): Taking the Dark Mark is not the only youthful indiscretion that comes back to haunt Severus. When an old debt comes due, Severus is forced to choose between his own peace of mind and giving someone else a second chance at life.

ART: Retirement (G): Let's give our favourite spy some well deserved rest. Enjoy your free time, Severus!

FIC: just like (starting over) PG: There's more than one way to get a second chance.

ART: The Spider (G): "Snape-the-teenager had a stringy, pallid look about him, like a plant kept in the dark" and "Round-shouldered yet angular, he walked in a twitchy manner that recalled a spider".

FIC: Wormwood and Gall (G): When Severus is offered the job of Potions Master at Hogwarts, he thinks that perhaps life might not be as desolate as it looked. Whether or not this is correct remains to be seen.

ART: Occlumency Lessons (PG): Beware what lesson you are trying to impart.

FIC: To Do, a tale about a tail, with a tail end. (PG-13): The seven habits of highly effective witches. 1. Never play cards with George Weasley. 2. Make a to do list. 3. Do the things on the to do list. 4. Tick off the things on the to do list. 5. Don't get caught. 6. Be so organised, you don't even need 7.

Thank you for your comments, watchers! The fest's creators appreciate them!
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