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snapecase, Week Three!

Weekends are for catching up at the Snape Showcase! Week Three of the fest featured the following fan works:

FIC: All Sorted (PG): What is it about Severus that induces Lucius Malfoy to take him under his wing?

FIC: Collaboration (PG-13): Severus Snape is asked to take on a collaborator during the summer of 1985.

ART: Into Darkness (G): Snape has arrived at a point in his life where the only light comes from the tip of his burning cigarette. :/

ART: Sleep in (G): With war's end, no teaching or other things to bother him, Severus finally have a nice long sleep in for himself.

FIC: The Bright in Bleak Midwinter (PG): Severus gets his letter from Hogwarts.

ART: Poison (PG): The young adult Severus admires his newest acquisition.

FIC: Fear of Flying (PG-13): Oh, he knows about mourning. He knows it in his bones.

FIC: If Only (PG): Dumbledore once told Harry that he must once again ask too much of him. I tend to think he once said that to Severus. If he didn't, perhaps he should have.

FIC & ART: Lex Talionis (G): Rose Weasley is bored and looking for excitement.

ART: The Sorcerer's Apprentice (G): Even the most accomplished Potions master had to start somewhere—gathering his ingredients, of course.

Thank you for your comments, watchers! The fest's creators appreciate them!
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