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snapecase, Week Two!

Weekends are for catching up at the Snape Showcase! Week Two of the fest featured the following fan works:

FIC: The Snake's Tale (PG-13): "Or perhaps in Slytherin you make your real friends."

FIC: Tea Time (G): Snape sits in his office and drinks tea.

ART: Ingredients collecting (G): Snape is collecting some ingredients for his potions.

FIC: Afterlife (PG-13): Severus simply lives his life, day after day.

FIC: Permanent File (G): Paperwork never tells the full story, but it's a good place to start.

ART: The back reads, "To Lily, Yrs Always, Sev" (G): "Dear Severus, I found this reminder of our childhood amongst my things. I thought you might like to have it."

FIC: The Rebirth of Severus Snape (G): The transition from Death Eater to Professor is one Snape never expected to experience.

FIC: The Inquiry (G): In Harry's first Potions class, a cauldron exploded and Neville ended up in the Infirmary. This is the aftermath.

FIC: Alfie Prendergast's Lucky Day (G): June 22nd 2013 was Alfie Prendergast's lucky day, but that was just the start of it.

FIC: Catching the Wind (PG): "It's the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it." — Frank Warren

Thank you for your comments, watchers! The fest's creators appreciate them!
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