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FIC: Permanent File (G)

Title: Permanent File
Age-Range Category: One
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Severus Snape, Eileen Prince Snape, Tobias Snape, several Healers, OFC
Author: soberloki
Rating: G
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): None.
Summary: Paperwork never tells the full story, but it's a good place to start.

7th April, 1966

Healer JV — Child S admitted to St Mungo's Infirmary w/curse-related facial deformity. Source of curse undetermined at time of admission. Possible family issues, attention-seeking self-infliction? —note to matron, observe parents in lounge.
"Johann," murmured Matron Leggett, "the parents seem genuinely supportive of each other and their son. I can't imagine they caused this, and the boy doesn't seem at all upset except when his mother cries."

Healer Verne sighed and smiled wearily at his informer. "That was my impression. So, an attack on a boy of six, who seems perfectly healthy and agreeable. This is to hurt the parents. I'll advise them in contacting the Aurors."

10th April, 1966

Healer JV — Curse-breakers have had no success in removing or mitigating curse in any way. Child S facial deformity may be result of family-line curse and in this case irreversible. Will consult with Curse Research, apply to Ministry for Unspeakable resource allocation.
Matron Leggett heard the woman before she came into view, shouting, "Eileen! Come here immediately!"

Security wasn't yet on the floor, and the shouting woman had her wand out, voicelessly Summoning items from shelves and cupboards, creating chaos as she came.

Matron Leggett stepped into her path, also holding a wand, and asked politely, "May I help you?"

The shouting woman halted and glared down her patrician nose. "I am looking for my daughter, and the idiot she married. My grandson is here, and I had to be told by Aurors, who accused me of causing him injury! I require a word with my daughter, immediately."

"Your name, please?"

"Violetta Prince," snapped the intruder. "My grandson is called Snape."

The sound of someone clearing their throat caught the attention of the two women, and they turned to see Eileen Snape, mother of the little boy with the cursed face.

"Mother. You're causing a scene. Please leave," said Eileen.

Violetta Prince stood perfectly erect and stared icily at her adult daughter. "You married a Muggle. You live in his hovel like a Muggle. My grandson should not be forced to live in privation because of your idiotic pride. I demand to know why you sent Aurors to accuse me of cursing my only grandchild. How could you?"

Matron Leggett stepped back, and Mrs Snape set a rather powerful Muffliato over herself and her mother.

Security Report Summary

Maternal grandmother of Child S refused contact with grandchild, became agitated, caused property damage and assaulted Welcome Witch KY. Charges laid re: magical battery, trespass, public disturbance, menacing. Resolution pending.
Tobias Snape approached Healer Nodd near the lifts. "Pardon me, Doctor, could I 'ave a minute with you?"

Healer Nodd smiled at Snape. He liked the man, he was quite bright for a Muggle, and clearly cared deeply for his wife and child. "Of course, mister Snape. Your son is coping well with his stay in hospital, I hope?"

Tobias smiled, his pride quietly obvious. "He's a good boy. But that's not what I wanted to talk about. It's his grannies, they're both... strong-willed, y'see."

"Ah. Yes. I'd heard about your wife's mother dropping by."

Tobias flushed hotly. "'M sorry about that. There's no reasoning with 'em, either one. Me Mum thinks Eileen's of the devil and so's my boy, and Eileen's Mum, well, she'd take him and never let us see him again. Punishing us because I'm not magical. I don't know how mine would find this place, but if she ever did, I wouldn't want her here upsetting Eileen and Severus. He's such a good boy, he gets between 'em and tells his nan off if I'm not there. I come home once and found me Mum hitting him with her cane. You can't let her or Eileen's Mum near him, Doctor."

Healer Nodd put his hand on Tobias' shoulder. "I assure you, Mister Snape, we will not allow anyone to bother your wife or son. You may wish to contact the Aurors about your own mother, difficult as it may be. No child should be subjected to that sort of treatment, especially for defending his doting mother, eh?"

15th April, 1966

Healer TN — Child S shows no alteration in deformity despite many attempts to modify, both charm- and potion-based. Observation until 17th April, discharge to parental care if no change observed.
Severus Snape stared at the boy in the mirror, with the big, hooked nose and the crooked, yellow teeth. "Mummy, is that me?" He waved his hand, and the boy waved as well. "Mummy, why do I look different?"

Eileen sighed and drew him away from the mirror. "Love, you've had a spell put on you and we can't get it off. Being in hospital wasn't for your magic check-up. We've been trying to have the Healers get the spell off so you'll look like your proper self again."

Severus started to cry. "But I look so ugly! I'm not your beautiful boy now!"

"Severus," Eileen snapped. "No crying. There is nothing to be done right now, but we'll continue trying. If we must, we can get a charm to make you look like yourself, and no-one will ever know. You are not ugly. You are different, and that is never a terrible thing. Mum and Da still love you, and we always will."

Severus let his Mum pick him up and cuddle him close. "Why did I get a spell on me, Mum?"

"Sometimes people are cruel, love. We don't know who did it yet, but we're going to find out. Da will tell them off, and they'll take it off and everything will go back to normal, you'll see. Maybe it's a prank, and they only need to see how upset you are, and they'll take it back."

"I don't want to be ugly, Mummy," sighed Severus. "Nobody likes ugly people."

17th April, 1966

Healer JV — Child S discharged from St Mungo's Infirmary, curse unresolved. Parents counselled to seek aid from Charms masters, re: cosmetic spell work.
23rd January, 1968

Property Crimes Report
Auror Boadicea Kenefick, Liverpool Office

Prince family home suffered concussive spell damage to kitchen and cellar, undermining the structure. Only the northwest portion of the manor stands, though it is not habitable.

Mrs Prince engaged Construction Wizards of South Liverpool and declined offer of testing for magical signatures. Suspect culprit is known to Mrs Prince, though the lady denied it.

Addendum: Neighbour Artemis Wong related to this Auror news of bad blood between Mrs Prince and her grown daughter, over a grandchild. File Reference KNAL-4489-1967, report of Eileen Prince involved in damage to premises of Grumm & Goyle (Purveyors of Charms & Goodes of All Sorts), charge withdrawn by proprietors.
6th May, 1968

Auror Auxiliary Services Home Report
Jenny Pepper, AAS

Young Snape continues to Start Fights in schoole, often claiming he is Bullyed or Pushed by other Children. It is possible that he is Altered in his Mind due to the ongoing Curse of his Face.

Young Snape Claims that he is often Called Names such as Horse Face and Bigge Nose and Ugly Puss. He also is not in the least Sorrey for Attacking his Muggle Class Mate Jonas Poole, whose injurys brung about this Investigation of his Home and Family Life.

Young Snape further Insists that he is the Victim in these Circumstances, as Jonas Poole had tryed to Duck his Head in a Commode, and Uncontrolled Magic acted in his defence. I find no Evidence of this Assault, and as Young Snape shows no Remores or Contrition, it is my Advise that he should have a Sanction Recorded against him, and an Official Warning from the Ministry of Magic.

It is my beliefe that Young Snape was engaged in the Bating of Muggles. Young Snape does Demonstrate a Marked lack of Controlle over his Magic. Several times in the interview, Young Snape caused Strange Effects, including Rain in Varied Colours, a Pulsing Heartbeat sound accompanyed by Flexion of the Walls, and even Summoning all of the Memoranda passing in the Hallway around the Edges of the Doore.

A Note has been sent to Mister Hoggins of Magical Suppression. Based on prior Reports, Young Snape may have his Magic Bound until and unless he receives a Hogwarts Letter.

Young Snape's parents, the Muggle Tobias Snape and the Witch Eileen Prince Snape, do not Engage often with Wizard Society. The Home is non-Magical, though I did Observe several Wardes and House Hold Charms in use. Both Mother and Father support the boy's Claims. I Suspect the Mother of Instilling a Bitter Hatred of Muggles in him due to her Reduced Circumstances. The Father seems Ignorant of this Chilling Possibility, and unwilling to Entertane the Idea.

Whilst Researching the Family, I Found Evidence that the Prince family has in the Past been Involved in Muggle Bating and other Anti Social Practices. I am firm in my Convixion that Young Snape must be Closely Observed until his Status as a Magical Citizen is properly Established.

In my Sixty-Two Years working Along Side the Auror Corps, I have Never Before met a boy so Difficult nor Cheeky nor Glib. Young Snape is Trouble, I am Quite Sure.
Tags: author: soberloki, category: one, type: fic
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