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Iulia Linnea

snapecase, Week One!

Weekends are for catching up at the Snape Showcase! Week One of the fest featured the following fan works:

FIC: The Art of Shuddering in Fear (PG-13): Once upon a time, there was a little boy. His hair was black as crows' feathers and his eyes a glittering jet black that spoke of bravery and boldness. Never had the boy shuddered in fear.

FIC: Letters Home (PG-13): When young Severus is at wit's end, he hexes idiots. He gripes to Regulus. And he writes letters home to his mother.

ART: Primae Noctis (G): Inde ferunt, totidem qui vivere debeat annos, corpore de patrio parvum phoenica renasci — Ovid, Metamorphoses

FIC: I Never Expected This (PG): A late night excursion for potions ingredients nets Severus far more than he expected.

ART: How much longer? (G): She is full of questions, just like her mother...

FIC: Amazing Magic (PG-13): Six-year-old Severus meets his aunt for the first time. She turns out to be nothing like he imagined and gives him hope for a magical life.

Thank you for your comments, watchers! The fest's creators appreciate them!
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