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snapecase sign-ups are now open! (ETA: Sign-ups are now closed.)

Sign-ups are now closed; thank you for your interest!

To sign up for snapecase, please:

  1. read the rules (the age-range categories from which you will choose, as well as the fest's schedule, may be found in the rules),

  2. friend the community at DW, IJ, or LJ (LJ is the host community; I will cross-post the fest entries to DW and IJ should sufficient people friend those communities),

  3. ask any questions that you have about signing up or the community by emailing them to snapecase [at] gmail [dot] com rather than in reply to this post,

  4. and cut and paste the template below into a comment in reply to this post, tailoring it accordingly. (Category assignments will be emailed on 30 May; please acknowledge them no later than 5 June. Would-be participants who do not acknowledge receipt of their assignments will be replaced. Please note that sign-ups are screened.)

    1. Sign-Up Template
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