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Another update about sign-ups: Good news! (ETA)

Good news! I've received 30 sign-ups, so there will be a second run of snapecase! Thank you, everyone who promoted the fest! Sign-ups will remain open through 7 October so that anyone interested in serving as an alternate may sign up to do so.

Alternates will serve as presumptive pinch-hitters. They will receive their assignments when participants do (on 8 October) and will submit their works by the fest's deadline (of 3 December). If their works aren't used in the fest, they will be promoted in the Reveal post—and should a miracle occur in the form of no participant dropping the fest and all alternates submitting their works, I'll extend the fest's run to include those works.

Pinch-hitters are also welcome to sign up because it can happen that I lose enough participants and alternates to find myself with category positions to fill. I'll assign pinch-hitters after the fest's deadline, and most pinch-hitters will have about four weeks to produce their works.

Again, thank you for supporting snapecase's second run! *dances*

To sign up as an alternate or a pinch-hitter, please visit the sign-up post. Please note that as the fest is anonymous, sign-ups are screened.

Questions about snapecase may be directed to snapecase [at] gmail [dot] com.

ETA: As of 6 October (8:14 p.m.), the Snape Showcase is looking for one alternate for every age-range category except Category Two, and as many pinch-hitters who'd like to commit themselves to receiving an assignment on 4 December as possible. I'll update this message until the end of the sign-up period.
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