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Sign-ups for snapecase are ongoing, but the fest may not run.

snapecase sign-ups are ongoing through 7 October, but currently, I have not received a sufficient number of valid sign-ups to support a second run of the fest.

If those people who have signed up without also joining the community to show proof of age would do so, I could run a smaller fest by filling 20 showcase positions and rearranging the posting schedule. I don't mind doing that, but I'm concerned that if I do, there won't be 20 filled showcase positions by the time the fest runs because people always drop out over the course of the production period, and I have no alternates and only two confirmed pinch-hitters with which to replace drop-outs at this time.

Sign-ups will remain open through 7 October as planned, and I hope to receive a sufficient number of valid sign-ups (as well as a sufficient number of confirmed pinch-hitters) in that time so that I can run the Snape Showcase again. If I don't, I'll have to accept the fact that there isn't enough interest in snapecase to support additional runs of it and retire the fest. That would be disappointing, but I believe that it would be less disappointing to everyone interested in the fest to retire it on the heels of a successful run rather than to allow it to fall apart during plans for another one that might not reach the posting stage.

If you're interested in supporting a second run of the Snape Showcase, please promote the fest:

Snape Showcase

To promote [info]snapecase, cut and paste the code below into your journal.

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