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The 2012 snapecase sign-ups are now open!

Sign-ups are now closed!

The Snape Showcase, snapecase, is an anonymous fest that celebrates Severus Snape throughout his ages with a showcase of artwork and short fics. Gen, het, and slash fan works are welcome. Writers and artists (18 or older) illustrate Snape's life by focusing on one, some, or all of his ages within an assigned age-range category, submitting art, fic, or combined art and fic entries.

Any questions about snapecase may be directed to snapecase [at] gmail [dot] com.

To sign up to participate in snapecase, please:

  1. read the rules (the age-range categories from which you will choose, as well as the fest's schedule, may be found in the rules),

  2. join and friend the community (if you don't have a LiveJournal account, you may participate in the fest via OpenID; read more about OpenID),

  3. and cut and paste the template below into a comment in reply to this post, tailoring it accordingly. (Because snapecase is an anonymous fest, sign-ups will be screened.)

    1. Sign-Up Template
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