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The Snape Showcase: Preparing for its Second Run!

Notes for Former Participants:

In preparation of snapecase's second run, I'll be clearing the snapecase_mod's flist to make room for the new participants. This is merely routine maintenance and nothing personal.

Whether or not you're planning to participate in snapecase's second run, please take a moment to answer any outstanding comments on your entries. Sign-ups will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis with one exception: the sign-ups of former participants who answered their comments will take precedence over those of former participants who did not.

Notes for People Planning to Participate in the Second Run:

Those of you who are planning to sign up for snapecase's second run, please take a moment to read the community's modified rules and participation guidelines. As well, please join and friend the community before sign-ups begin.

Sign-Ups and the Snape Showcase's Schedule

Sign-ups for snapecase's second run will open on 1 October and run through 7 October.

The 2012 snapecase Schedule
The Snape Showcase runs on Eastern Time.
 Sign-Up Period  1-7 October 2011 
 Assignments Sent  8 October 2011 
 Assignment Acceptance  15 October 2011 
 Fan Works Due  3 December 2011 
 Posting Period  1-30 January 2012 
 The Reveal  31 January 2012 

Any questions about snapecase may be directed to snapecase [at] gmail [dot] com, or asked in reply to this post.
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